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“The self-assured app entrepreneur appears to have an answer for everything,” the Dragons’ Den voice-over enthused. Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins was next, followed by Sarah Willingham.

“I would just like to go on this journey with you,” she confessed.

To complicate things further, the unnamed client was willing to invest at a £1.5 million pre-valuation, up significantly from the Dragons’ Den £400,000 valuation (which also accounted for a number of advisory shares) and more than the £1 million pre-money valuation M14 had taken during a previous funding round.

“This presented something of a problem for us,” explains Kershaw, since it would require the Dragons to up their offer or take less equity. Nick knows his way around tech investments, and is happy for us.

To even the playing field, some MAGA fans created Trump.dating, a safe space for those who hate safe spaces.

There are, however, some dating apps that are good for relationships, and though they are somewhat few and far between, they're out there.

That’s because Tech Crunch can reveal that the Dragons’ Den deal would eventually collapse.

Told here for the first time, Kershaw picks up the story: “Immediately after [the show] I’m whisked away by the production crew to a small room. The production crew take me to go meet Peter and Nick, and film the ‘first encounter after the Den.’ We have a bit of an on-camera conversation, then get a chance for an off-camera chat…

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