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Furthermore, the excavations revealed a deliberate piling of the dung against the inner face of the site's wall, most probably in order to use it as fuel in the copper smelting process (the initial heating of the furnaces).In addition, the excavations yielded insights on the metalworkers themselves, including their rich diet (as reflected by animal bones and seeds) and activities at the gatehouse area.A second retainer agreement was signed on May 9, 2008 and called for an additional fee of ,000.The fines subsequently levied in the tax evasion scandal, the 2008 auction rate securities market manipulation case, and the 2011 municipal bond derivatives market rigging case seemingly had little deterrent effect on the bank.

BCE) gatehouse and associated livestock pens in one of the largest copper smelting camps in Timna Valley – Site 34 (“Slaves' Hill”).The donkeys were fed with grape pomace and hay (rather than straw) that originated from the Mediterranean regions, 100 km to the northeast (Edom) and 200 km to the north (Philistia/Judea).This food reflects special treatment and care, in accordance with the key role of the donkeys in the success of copper production and trade in a logistically challenging region.According to Birkenfeld, UBS sponsored events like art shows and yacht races in the United States to attract wealthy people as potential clients.One of Birkenfeld's wealthiest clients was a California real estate developer, Igor Olenicoff, a billionaire whom he met while working at Barclays and who he brought along with him as client to UBS.

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