Accommodating disabilities

A supervisor notified of an employee's disability and request for reasonable accommodation should immediately forward the request to the Office of Employee Services, with a copy to the department head.8.2 The Office of Employee Services will contact the employee to discuss and obtain additional information regarding the requested accommodation.TUM takes into consideration the type and extent of a disability during examinations.

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The employee will also be asked to provide a medical statement to the Office of Employee Services within a reasonable time from the date of notification.

The AODA requires these organizations, including landlords, to establish a minimum level of accessibility that people with disabilities can expect.

These efforts include creating accessibility plans and policies; allowing access to service animals; allowing access to support persons (for any areas open to the public); and providing accessible communications.

The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA) aims to remove barriers for people with disabilities.

It applies to all entities in the province with one or more employees.

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