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"It is a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word." -- Andrew Jackson Weird or wierd? Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary is at once a celebration of spelling and a solace to anyone who has ever struggled with the arcane rules of the English language. I've NEVER seen it spelled hiccough and even found a couple examples from the BBC website of the hiccup spelling.

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As amusing as he is informative, Vivian Cook thrills the reader with more than a hundred entries -- from photographs of hilariously misspelled signs to quizzes best taken in private to schadenfreude-rich examples of spelling errors of literary greats -- that will tickle the inner spelling geek in every reader. In conclusion, I think this book would have been stronger if it had just stayed with one dialect and its history of spelling rules.Kawasaki Motors is pleased to confirm that Matt Moss has joined the factory NPE Monster Energy Kawasaki racing team and will compete in the 2016 MX Nationals as well as the Australian Supercross Championships.With countless titles under his belt, Matt Moss has solidified his position as one of the most tenacious and skilled riders in Australian Supercross and Motocross history.Obviously we have a lot of time for testing and preparing the bike and myself but at this stage it all feel really good and I’m happy with it.”“I’ve ridden on a team with Troy before and he helped me out a lot so I’m sure I’ll work really well with the team.There’s is no doubt in my mind that with the equipment and my drive to win that we can make it happened in 2016.”“I feel like this year I was left behind in the competition with not trying enough things or doing different things so next year I want to work on that and I know that the team will do anything they can to make that happen which will play a big part in my chances at both titles,” Matt commented.

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