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Your teeth will be monitored over time at the dental office to make sure the problem is not worsening.If damage to your teeth or existing dental work is evident, we may recommend a custom-made nightguard, also known as an “occlusal guard,” may be recommended. Made of comfortable plastic, the guard is worn at night to keep your teeth from actually contacting each other.Sometimes simply becoming aware of the habit can help you to get it under control.If stress is the issue, try to find healthy ways of managing it: exercise, meditation, listening to relaxing music, or a warm bath may help.

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Stress & Tooth Habits Teeth grinding and/or clenching habits are particularly common in people who are undergoing stressful periods or major life changes.Even if you have experienced some of these signs and symptoms, you may not realize you are a bruxer — particularly if your habit is nocturnal, as is often the case.Yet the evidence of tooth damage may become obvious during your regular checkup and cleaning.And dental work such as crowns and fillings may get damaged.Bruxism can also lead to jaw pain and/or headaches.

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