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Even after the Revolution many families went to upper New York to a little town called Holland Patent.They went west to Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota and even California.On the other hand, every person was obliged to attend church and pay taxes for its support.Half of the Pilgrim group were not members of the Pilgrim Church, and many of the Puritans came only to better themselves financially.In 1662 there arose a fear that Connecticut might be taken over by either Massachusetts or New York and have a royal governor.Connecticut people wanted to remain independent and elected a committee to obtain a separate royal charter.When Governor Andros appeared the famous Charter Oak incident, which you are familiar with, occurred.

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I think Roger Welles of Newington put the reason quite clearly in the Connecticut Courant of July 29, 1899.

These principles were first brought to notice in a sermon by the Rev.

Thomas Hooker in Hartford, although I have heard that he borrowed some of the ideas from another.

We did our part in all the wars of the English, and more than our share in the Revolution.

There are two Wethersfield men who can be credited with having saved the Revolution from complete failure.

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