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In addition to the exhibition, there will be talks, portfolio reviews, and workshops. Pictured: Home of the brave 14 December ‘Heroic Times’ presents a selection of iconic imagery from the archives of Steve Schapiro at Howard Greenberg Gallery.Through his 60-year career, 83 year old Schapiro has captured key moments of American history and pop culture, with commissions to capture portraits of celebrities, politicians, and artists.Asked to consider a work or artist that had influenced their own practice, Olivia Arthur references the ‘Children of Europe’ project shot by Magnum founder David Seymour in the years after the Second World War.

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The competition culminates in a public reception, portfolio reviews, and a professional development seminar. Pictured: Celebrity skin 21 December A new exhibition at Palm Beach’s Holden Luntz Gallery – ‘All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players’ – collates a selection of vintage photographs of musicians and celebrities.Featuring photographers Terry O’Neill, Clive Arrowsmith, Harry Benson, Gered Mankowitz, Bert Stern, Roy Schatt, Arthur Elgort, and Norman Seeff, it presents photography as a form of mythology, capturing the power of images to create icons and legends.The show aims to pinpoint defining pop culture moments, and cavalier insouciance abounds across snapshots of smoking film stars, rockstars between gigs, and masked beauties at balls. Pictured: Vintage Americana 20 December In 1979, Magnum photojournalist David Hurn was awarded the ‘UK/USA Bicentennial Fellowship’ to pursue a personal photography project in America.Blaufuks was inspired by the French writer Georges Perec, who would document his thoughts on the banality of daily life in Paris while sitting at his local café, observing ‘that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance […]’. In monochrome, we catch a glimpse of the early artistic flair which helped to define his later colour practice. Pictured: Break the ice 7 December As the wintry weather continues in France, Marseille based photographer James Reeve’s exhibition at VV, Les Voûtes is a fitting one.The artist documents his personal space with various photography techniques, including large prints, Polaroids, and slides. The barren grounds of Canada’s northwest terrain are the subject of ‘Fractures’ and ‘Diavik’.

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