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When Agway thereafter defaulted on payments to its insurers, the insurers in turn sought payment from Fidelity, and Fidelity tendered payment consistent with its obligations under the Bonds. One line of cases holds that an unsecured claim for post-petition attorneys' fees asserted on the basis of a prepetition contract is allowable. We read Travelers to mean that this does not matter.

Fidelity incurred additional costs, including legal fees, enforcing its indemnity rights against Agway in prolonged litigation. The Supreme Court framed the Travelers issue as follows: "We are asked to consider whether federal bankruptcy law precludes an unsecured creditor from recovering attorney's fees authorized by a prepetition contract and incurred in postpetition litigation." 549 U. at 445, law (which Ogle contends is a decisive limiting principle); but the Court's analysis and rationale would seem equally applicable to post-petition costs arising out of pre-petition contracts more generally.

On July 18, 2008, the Bankruptcy Court concluded (as relevant here) that Agway was liable for Fidelity's post-petition attorneys' fees. Furthermore, the way the issue is framed at the outset, see id. Unless a claim is unenforceable under state law or one of the section 502(b)(2)-(9) exceptions applies, courts must "presume" that the claim "will be allowed in bankruptcy unless [it is] expressly disallowed." Id. All of the fees at issue in Travelers were incurred post-petition; so the amount was necessarily unknown when the bankruptcy petition was filed.

Only those attorneys' fees are at issue on this appeal.

After Agway filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, Fidelity duly made payments to Agway's creditors, unsuccessfully demanded indemnity under the Agreements, and incurred attorneys' fees in litigation to collect from Agway.

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