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“With Heartland, one of the reasons for its success and longevity is the fact that families can sit down together and not be concerned by the content and not have to explain anything to their kids or be embarrassed by some of the things they’re showing on television.” UNDATED — Graham Wardle, left, and Amber Marshall in Heartland. And I love ranching, so being able to take on a little bit more responsibility there. The most handsome and charming actor, Graham Wardle has starred in countless movies and TV shows.“My life has settled into everything that I enjoy all happening at once. Some people come home and they’ll watch a few episodes of their favourite show or surf the Internet, but I like to come home and hang out with the animals and wind down from my day.” Heartland marks its 125th episode during this season, making it the longest-running Canadian one-hour drama in history.I’ve always loved acting, and I’ve always loved animals. w=680&h=453" alt="Amber Marshall " width="680" height="453" srcset=" But of course, Heartland has to stop beating sometime, and Marshall has already thought about what life would be like once the screen fades to black.Amber married Shawn, a photographer, on July 27, 2013 after they got engaged in Spring 2012.who is passionate about all animals, Marshall has been around horses as long as she can remember.After his graduation in 2007, he subsequently started his film career from "In the Land of Women".He was nominated for an LEO Award for his role in the episodes "Summer's End" and "The Starting Gate" twice in 20.

Marshall has also won the Canadian Screen Star Award for this role.

She has horses, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and an alpaca.

The TV series is based on the 25-novel series written by Lauren Brooke.

The series started in 2007 with Coming Home and Season 10 premiered October 2, 2016 on CBC.

The television series, filmed in High River Alberta, is about a girl named Amy Fleming living in the fictional town of Hudson Alberta.

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