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One Friday morning I had some business at Gwalior and I decided to take ZEENAT along to spend weekend at Gwalior.

We started at 9.00 AM and were cruising along enjoying the view and journey.

She is maintaining her figure very well and with a height of 5-6 she can carry any dress on her person.

She wears her hair open and they are usually trimmed below her lower back.

He then turned towards me and said “I will accept your apologies and let you go only on one condition, your wife will satisfy our every need. Uncle called out “Rashid have you forgotten your manners. You will enjoy every thing that we do or ask you to do. Dawood said “I do not bother to go in, my nephews and I enjoy our meals and all activities here in open and as far as your husband is concerned he should also get to watch, after all he is also a male and would enjoy the site of us giving you pleasure” ZEENAT started to cry again “Please do not add to my humiliation.

I was boiling at his statement and started to rush towards him to beat the shit out of him. If I feel any resistance or if you say no to any demand we will shoot all of you. Dawood laughed and called “Is there any one here who has not seen all your charms in their naked glory or will not see it in next few hours? I will do what ever you say but please take me in the room”.

He had a cruel look on his face and he asked the boys about us. It was then I realized that he was about 6-2and massive in his built. He said I will only explain once, if you take care of me and boys then we will let you go. Also, if at any point we feel that you are not enjoying then we start again.

We would have traveled for 50 KM suddenly we were overtaken by a fast driven open jeep. The Jeep driver must have heard her for he started to slow down. I am married to ZEENAT for last 7 years to a beautiful girl from Lucknow.We have a good family life and a daughter who is 5 years old.All three boys got in our car back seats and one of them pointed gun on my head and asked ZEENAT to drive on.We were following the Jeep and after 10 min the jeep turned left on an unpaved but regular road. I was sure that they would take all our money and let us go.

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