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Asked about the album, the band members said: “We have been working on these new songs for almost 2 years now and we cannot wait to share them with you.We all feel like this is our best album yet.” Although Simple Plan has its roots at the end of the 90’s, more prominence is gained by the debut album “No Pads , No Helmets … It contains 4 singles, of which the most popular are Perfect and I’m just a kid.Remarkable that the single When I’m Gone achieves the biggest prominence so far and gets in to UK Top 40.In 2011 “Get Your Heart On” is released – where like in the debut album Simple Plan collaborates with other musicians again, including Natasha Bedingfield. The latest release of the band “Taking One For The Team” came out just recently, on February 19th.Having a high frequency radio wave transmitter in your environment is like having a miniature radio station in your home or office.These aerial “wireless” signals can be picked up by any computer within appropriate range that has wireless capability.

The most successful singles from this album are Welcome To My Life and Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me? Four years later the next album comes out, which the members decide to call simply after the band’s name “Simple Plan”.

I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed, the collaboration with raper Nelly, is the album’s first official and so far most popular single.

During their musical career Simple Plan have received a prestige Canadian Juno award twice, Much Music Video award for 6 times, and at least once NRJ Music, Teen Choice and many other awards.

Do not think that by attaching a simple EMF protector tab (many varieties are sold these days) to your phone that you are actually protected from the effects of high-frequency radiation from your phone.

These so-called protection devices DO NOT PREVENT high-frequency radiation from heating up your brain tissue and affecting you in other ways when you use your cell phone for an extended period.

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