Bs dating

Normally I would just get up and leave but she was nice and I was trying to hang on to it... Even opening the door at the restaurant I messed up. If she laughs or messes with you back, you may have a keeper.

Love I am a God Fearing Woman with a strong personalty. Love life and believe in living life to the fullest. Currently wear a Hi there my name is John I am honest, reliable hardworking, funny and full of love I like my hair short, and I weigh about 180lbs I am kind outgoing looki loving and respectful I like to dress casual I am looking to get I'm 24 years old and from The Bahamas.

You want to waste your downtime and other resources to investigate and explain the behavior, or you want to cast that fishing line out again and see if you can haul in something more to your liking?

The worst she can say about you after you don't reply is that you were rude, and like, so what?

Because he/she is active on an on-line dating site. Not everyone who is dating is looking for a monogamous relationship. I really don't get the derision towards the other woman in this story. To not see this as such simply beffudles me...I'm scratching my head at your attempt to justify it in some sense.

Yes it's a dating site, yes I'm also talking to other people.

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