Cancelling a dating service contract

This includes sales made at a customer’s residence, workplace or a college dorm room.It also includes sales made at temporary, rented facilities such as a hotel room, convention center, restaurant or booth at a trade show, community event or fair.Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and everyone realized than an online auction service like e Bay is unquestionably different than a statutorily regulated “auctionhouse.” It’s a good cautionary tale for the regulation of any online marketplace seeking to disrupt traditional offline intermediaries governed by different rules because the laws of physics applicable to the offline world are, in fact, different online. Men’s Journal Bad Idea: Overdisclosing People’s Positive STD Status–Doe v.I understand why the court was less charitable to Grindr here. Successfulmatch 9th Circuit Says Plaintiff Had Standing to Sue Spokeo for Fair Credit Reporting Violations Is Sacramento The World’s Capital of Internet Privacy Regulation?More generally, if you’re an online vendor hoping to usurp an industry that has extensive offline regulations, you would be well-served to bone up on that regulatory scheme and, if you’re not going to comply with it, develop a clear explanation of why you think it doesn’t apply to you.

This is a perennial cyberlaw issue, or more accurately, a classic “old law and new technology” question. Federal Trade Commission and state consumer protection agencies offer specific consumer protections for off-site business sales.Violating contract cancellation regulations can not only lead to monetary penalties but can damage a business’s reputation.Here, Grindr had good policy arguments that the assumptions embedded into a statute governing high-pressure face-to-face sales should not apply to an online-only process.Still, it had no good arguments to bypass the statute’s plain language.

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