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Other main streets include Park Road, Belvedere Road, Brooklyn Road, Pembroke Street and Holloway Street (which all run approximately east-west) and Lincoln Road (which runs approximately north-south).Other notable streets include Costley Street, Kenwyn Drive and Frederick Street.On 7 January 2012, a hot air balloon crashed just north of the town, killing eleven people and making headlines around the world.

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between 20) is the fastest growing local government area in the North Island with respect to population.

The Bank of New South Wales, showing confidence in Carterton, built a beautifully ornate bank building on the corner of Park Road and High Street North in 1912.

This building is listed in the historic buildings list found in the Wairarapa Combined District Plan.

Located 10 minutes from the Square is Stonehenge Aotearoa, built by members of The Phoenix Astronomy Society, it is a modern adaptation (opened in 2005) of the Stonehenge ruins on the Salisbury Plain of England.

It was founded as a private school in 1978 and was originally sited at Ponatahi, southwest of Carterton.

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