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I felt safe and the locals were so pleased to see us there * Always try the local food - don't be scared - it adds to your experience, and you might love it * Learn a few key greetings in the local language.

It's polite and they love it (as we do when we have foreign visitors). Smile, smile, smile...* Egypt & Turkey still do it for me - as every time you go back there is more to discover in the history, landscapes and hospitality * Tunisia has to be up there as has the most spectacular beaches, scenery and landscapes.

* Jordan – Magnificent Petra and its Nabatean history, Wadi rum with it's awesome moon landscape and floating in the Dead Sea.

* Spain – Tempting tapas, cultural arty and regal cities, infectious flamenco beats.

* Jordan – Petra is simply stunning and the tapestry of colours and rock formations is out of this world WHO: Anthony G WHAT: Product Manager WHERE: India, Nepal, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, China MOST INTERESTING TRIP: Wedding season in Gujarat.

I was there for a friends wedding, but ended up being invited to four other weddings.

We stayed for a week in a Villa in Tuscany and every day made site trips to cities of interest. I loved the forts and both British and Indian buildings such as the stunning Taj Mahal. With both French and Russian heritage, Diana was born in Russia and lived in Paris from the age of 6.

Other highlights were our 3 nights in an Apartment in Rome, and 2 days in Manarola on the Cinque Terre. * Morocco - Much more beautiful than I was expecting with excellent food and shopping. * Israel - such a diverse culture, exciting places to visit, lovely food & people. Having studied in Paris, plus the USA and Spain, Diana achieved a Bachelor of Political Science & International Business, graduating with high honours from Paris University.

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It's a place steeped with incredible culture and history - and very family friendly.* Nepal & India - Nepal for its incredible mountains and people, and India because it assaults all your senses.You either love it or hate it - there is no in-between * Borneo has beaches, wildlife, jungle stays, tramping and shopping * Africa - I have travelled through South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya and just adore it's wildlife and natural beauty.* Don't always listen to the news as things are not always as they appear - this was my own experience in Egypt.Club * Chair of the NZ-Turkey Business Council * Managing Director - The Innovative Travel Company * Member of the NZ Middle East Council and a member of Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce until October 2015 when she stepped down after a 6 year term * Mentor - to future business leaders and opera singer Polly Ott * Committee Member - Aviva (formerly Christchurch Woman's Refuge fund raiser) * Guest Speaker - to business owners on controlling what is controllable in business and having to deal with the 'uncontrollable' aspects of business such as earthquakes, economic downturns, and the fluctuating NZ dollar.PREVIOUSLY: * Tourism Adviser to Government Trade Missions to the Middle East & Gulf Regions * Egyptian Tourism Award 2010-recognition by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism for outstanding contribution to Egyptian tourism from New Zealand * RAMESES Award 2005-outstanding contribution towards developing tourism in Egypt * Business Woman of the Year - 2005 - Winner of the Best Managing Director in the SME Category* Europe (Croatia, Italy, Malta, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Holland); Middle East & North Africa (Morocco, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania, Dubai, Kenya, Gulf States, Libya)Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, the Baltics); Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Cuba and more...), Asia, Australia & Pacific, NZ, USA, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda) Robyn has a special interest in WWI and WWII battlefields and has visited El Alamein, Gallipoli, Passchendaele and The Somme, the Suda Bay War Cemetery in Crete, and Yalta where the post WWII Conference was held to discuss the reorganisation of Europe.

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