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Unlike many parts of the world, Jews have historically lived in India without any instances of antisemitism from the local majority populace, the Hindus.The first known Baghdadi Jewish immigrant to India, Joseph Semah, arrived in the port city of Surat in 1730.They are divided into subcastes, which do not intermarry: 'Black' (Kara) and White (Gora), the latter believed to be lineal descendants of the shipwreck survivors, while the former are considered to descend from concubinage of a male with local women.They were nicknamed the shanivār telī ("Saturday oil-pressers") by the local population as they abstained from work on Saturdays.The date of these plates, known as "Sâsanam", Joseph Rabban by Bhaskara Ravi Varma, the fourth ruler of Maliban granted the copper plates to the Jews.

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In 1524, the Jews were attacked by the Moors brothers on a suspicion that they were messing with the pepper trade and the homes and synagogues belonging to them were destroyed.

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The Jewish community of India is the fourth largest Asian Jewish community after Israel, Asian Russia, and Iran.

Foreign notices of the Bene Israel go back at least to 1768, when Yechezkel Rahabi wrote to a Dutch trading partner that they were widespread in Maharatta Province, and observed two Jewish observances, recital of the Shema and observation of Shabbat rest.

The legend of their origins claims that they descend from ancestors, 14 Jewish men and women, equally divided by gender, who survived the shipwreck of refugees from persecution or political turmoil, and came ashore at Navagaon near Alibag, 20 miles south of Mumbai, some 17 to 19 centuries ago.

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