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Read on below for more details, or get started with Durango. With so many different processors and business types, these numbers are simply impossible to standardize for a provider like this. Durango Merchant will treat you fairly and do their best to win your business.

See if you can get interchange-plus pricing and your early termination fee waived. But for high-risk merchants, expect higher than average rates alongside a standard early termination fee (0-500).

Durango has customer service that far exceeds the industry standard, and a sales team that features honest, knowledgeable staff.

They provide the expertise needed to set up international merchants from basically any country in the world, and to deal with fraud proactively and effectively.

Many such providers cling to the shady underbelly of the merchant market, alongside their clients who often traffic in pyramid schemes, snake oil, rigged gambling and prostitution, among other unsavory and unfair business endeavors defined as “high-risk.” Durango Merchant Services (DMS) is one of the only completely reputable, honest, fair merchant services providers who advertise as high-risk specialists.You’re rates and fees will depend on your business and your risk level (higher-risk equal higher rates), but overall I can say that Durango will act with integrity and treat you fairly regardless of your business type.They’ve had one complaint with the BBB in the past three years and very few elsewhere.This level of attention and responsiveness speaks volumes and is a sure sign of a quality provider.In some cases, merchants have complained about a processor used by Durango, Intabill, as seen in this confusing and misleading thread on

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