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Tourists going to Cuba are basically sold sand and hotel rooms, not Cuban culture.

The tourist industry is dominated by Europeans and Latin Americans who deprecate and minimize the value of African culture.

And help rescue from oblivion the more obscure and interesting elements now in danger of disappearing.

Many of the Music pages are devoted to people whose passion is the recovery and maintenance of their old traditions.

There are no web sites dedicated to it on the island.

The Ministry of Culture funds many Afro Cuban musical groups and artists, but generally does not allow efforts based on ethnic identity.

This is one potential source of revenue for cultural activities if handled correctly, both from the point of view of generating revenue and of doing it in a way that does not trample on cultural values as has happened with Santeria in New York.

This line of thinking combines hispanic denial around issues of race with the leftist inheritance of state building projects based on the French Republic, where what counts is citizenship.

[See Nation and Multiculturalism in Cuba: A Comparison with the United States and Brazil by George Zarur for a discussion on this topic.] These forms of denial aggravate and feed ibero-spanish supremacist attitudes.

They have interesting ideas for doing this and many seek outside contact and collaboration.

We will work with those who have a love for these cultures and appeal to those who go down to the island to bring back material such as you find on these pages.

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