Dating a late 70s strat dating appropriate teenagers

This requires a precise set up of the trem to use though, I personally don’t bother, but if you want to know how the best option would be to take the trem itself off the guitar and have a look inside while you play with the range of the trem.The only real issue with the trem is the arm has a tendancy to fall out, the AV models have a lip to hold the arm in the “teeth” in the arm socket. You can correct this by wrapping some tape around the trem arm under the trem where it sits in the cavity, or by gently closing the teeth around the socket with some pliers.If you’re going for a no-fi sound with fuzz it could be quite usefull, otherwise the guitar is bright enough without it and it tends to end up pretty useless. Jaguar Pickups Here’s a short demo of the pickup variations in the following order, all clean, stock 2004 62 CIJ RI jaguar - soundcard.There are plenty of things you can do with this switch, such as series/parallell wiring for the pickups, put in a different value cap to cut the high end, use it as a kill switch, maybe even put in an active circuit like a boost or such. 1 Bridge Pup (lead) 2 Bridge pup strangle (lead) 3 Both pups (lead) 4 Both pups strangle (lead) 5 Neck pup (lead) 6 Neck pup strangle (lead) 7 Neck pup (rhythm) 8 Neck pup (lead) 9 Bridge Pup (lead) 10 Both pups (lead) I’ve heard the Jag has problems with XX..?You should be able to minimize the choke off to only a few frets and still keep the strings at a comfortable height.The radius is low to make it more comfortable for detailed chord work, so maybe stop trying to shred on your jaguar and get a guitar with a flatter fingerboard.Let me guess, bridge, trem, radius, scale length, feedback?These can be an issue, but all of which can be sorted out.

There’s also the Adjust-o-matic (AOM) bridge which fender have introduced on the new MIM models, a worthwhile consideration, I do reccomend against replacing the bridge for a TOM (tune-o-matic) as qutie a few people have done, although it will fit in directly, it doesnt allow much room for adjustment to work with the 7.5″ radius, so the action is quite uncomfortable.

As a result you can use this to switch to a totally different sound mid song, for example you could roll the volume down on this circuit and keep it on full on the lead circuit.

When playing with distortion you could switch to the rhythm circuit for a cleaner sound.

This is more of an issue with the Japanese jags, as the groves arent cut deep enough, strings pop out of the saddles, the height adjustment screws tend to buzz and fall out because of the vibrations and blah blah blah.

There are all kinds of solutions to this, using threadlock/nail varnish to hold the screws in (Which will need to be redone every time you adjust the saddles after it hardens), angling the saddles so the the strings dont pop out, using heavy gauge (12’s ) strings, (I’ve tried all of the above, with okay results) and the ugly addition of a buzz stop.

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