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His “ministry” was damaged permanently and his usefulness to God greatly diminished.Timothy was a young pastor, and therefore needed to be forewarned about this kind of temptation.He was to “avoid such men as these.” These are the kind of men, Paul says, “who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses….” (3:6).Sometimes women are the victims, sometimes they are the victimizers.Many a pastor has paid the ultimate price for sexual sins.If temptation would tell the truth, no minister would ever succumb to its enticements.

–would be “treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power” (II Timothy 3:4-5).Saudi Arabia may have nominated its first ever woman cabinet minister - but she cannot appear on television without permission, it has been revealed.Noura al-Faiz's appointment in February as deputy minister for women's education was hailed as a huge step for the integration of women in conservative Saudi Arabia, where a puritanical form of Islam bans women from driving, voting and mixing with unrelated men.'I don't take my veil off and I will not appear on television unless it is allowed for us to do so,' Faiz told the daily Shamss, which published a picture of the deputy minister wearing a headscarf with her face showing.Also Minister of Trade, Agriculture, Lands, Housing and Environment from 2001. of Deputy Premier responsible for the Banking Sector 2002-04, Customs and Imports and Governor of Ahal Region (circa 2003-04) and Minister of Culture and TV and Radio Broadcast from 2006. In 2005 she gathered the highest number of votes at the elections for Mayor-General of Chisinau municipality, but the elections was invalidated because of low turnout. Member of the Chamber of Deputies and Secretary General of the liberal VLD since 1999. Group Secretary of Swedish People's Party 1995-99, Deputy Group Chairperson 1999 and Parliamentary Leader, Group Chairperson 1999-2003 and again from 2007. Chairperson of the Swedish Speaking Assembly, Folktinget, from 2007. 1998-2002 Minister of Labour and Home Affairs and Public Security, 2002-04 Minister of Education, 2002-03 Minister of Development, 2003-04 Attorney General and Minister of Justice. She was later fired during a Cabinet Session, by the president who instructed her to join the agricultural joint-stock association as a deputy to control revenues and expenditures there. Penelope Ying-yen Wong has been Labor Senator from 2001 and was Minister for Climate Change, Energy Effeciency and Water 2007-10, from 2010 also in charge of Deregulation and in 2013 first Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate and later Senate Leader and Third in the Cabinet.Mayor of Qeqartarsuaq 1993-97, Member of the Landsting for the liberal Atassut Party from 1999, Party Chairperson 2002-05, Vicelandsstyreformand (Vice-Premier) in 2003 and 2. Deputy Leader of the Progressive Labour Party and Deputy Premier 2006-10 and Premier and Party Leader 2010-12. Deputy Convener of DPP Caucus in Legislative Yuan 1992 and General Convener 1995, 2000-02 Minister of State and Minister of Transport and Communication (Third in Cabinet). Professor of international relations at Kuwait University and womens rights activist and columnist. Worked privately and for a nuber of municipalities with Tourism, State Undersecretary of Tourism and later Secretary of the Tourism Directorate in the Ministry of Economy between 2001-05 and State Secretary of Economy 2008-10. Trade and Industry from 2010, Senator from 2006, Junior Minister for Finance and Education, Sports and Recreation 2006-07, Attorney General 2007-10, Acting Minister of Education in 2010 and Leader of the Government in the Senate, Attorney General and Minister of Justice 2011-12.2003-11 Member of the Department of Local Government and the Environment, 2004-05 Member of the Department of Trade and Industry, 2005-06 Member of the Department of Health and Social Security, 2006-11 Minister of Education.

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