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Hearing about other people’s experiences is helpful for me.

I see myself as a lively, bright and sociable girl.

If he has a car, have you ever picked him up and driven him in your car? Have you ever tried to change the brake pad or engine oil on his car that has accumulated so many miles from driving you? When there is only one empty seat and their legs hurt, they want to sit, too. If you obsess yourself with the idea that love has changed all day, it will only hurt your pride! Now he might be naturally getting back his own time. As long as you think he still loves you, you don’t have to worry at all~ If he makes you nervous and suspicious, your relationship has a problem, but if you just feel that he doesn’t seem as passionate as before, he probably just finds you more comfortable than before. If he’s excited everyday, he would die early;; Getting comfortable is not necessarily bad. Hey, woman who only wants to be taken care of by your guy. When will you stop being a goldfish who should be fed by him? You still complain even though he’s still that nice to you?

Think about what you have taken for granted and try to return the favor. Going back home on the last train is tiring for guys, too. You guys have been loving each other intensely for two years. It’s natural to feel sad when you watch someone change in a relationship. You might feel sad about it but you should accept it. It means you guys have that much trust in each other~ Your trust gets stronger and it blooms into a new form of love. I’m regretful about my 20s where I always tried to do everything for women. If he has served you for two years, don’t you think it is your turn to give it back to him?

All of my ex-girlfriends took my favors for granted. I had no regrets because I treated them the best I could. She looks innocent without makeup but sexy with makeup. If the woman dictates what her guy should be like, he will get exhausted. This is why guys shouldn’t always feel required to treat women well.

They stopped expressing gratitude about my favors after some time and only wanted to rely on me but I couldn’t rely on them.

Disappointed by how the eager gentleman of the first few dates turned into an inattentive boyfriend, Korean women often turn to online portals to air their grievances. My boyfriend had a crush on me for years before we began dating. Edit: Omo…I’m surprised my post received so many views. At times like this, bad comments also give me strength. I guess it was wrong for me to try to tolerate more than what I could take.

Talk about the responsibilities of a man in a relationship and how to make sacrifices to keep your Korean boyfriend lead to hundreds of comments per thread, most of them split between criticism or support of the poster. He treated me well for the first two years of our relationship, but since then he has slowly and subtly changed. I still tried to understand him because I love him but it seems he likes me because I understand his hardship. While it is important to sympathize and try to understand the other person, I should’ve clearly talked to him about what I could not bear.

He still talks to me on the phone every night but it’s only once a day, compared to 3~5 times a day as in the past. He said he genuinely believed it every time I said I was okay. Even if men are tired to death, they don’t leave their loved ones alone~ They still find time to drink and meet people. If you said you would call later, you should not forget to call. I don’t understand how she didn’t go to work because of heavy drinking.

Please share wise words with me as to how to deal with this situation. I feel guilty about adding time to his travel, but whenever I offered to walk him home he always strongly refuses. Honestly, it seems the guy is a bit bored with you now. The man turns like that the moment his woman has given all of herself to him anyway. Men like women who are not within his easy reach, who do their own work passionately and to whom other people look up. You can go watch baseball or soccer games with him. When they feel exhausted but their girlfriends can’t help them, they will go meet their friends instead.

Edit: I’m very surprised this is already a much discussed post. I know it’s not easy to walk someone home all the time. About time he begins to be attracted to other women. When he asks you out on a date, don’t be agreeable all the time.

Even though we don’t talk as much as before, he seems bored. Twenty to thirty-minute phone calls have shrunk to five to ten-minutes. He said he noticed I was gradually getting frustrated but he thought I would be okay and honestly he didn’t care much due to his own problems. I’m well aware that field work is tough and it’s hard to contact me even though he can find time to use the washroom and have meals. Whether you are a woman or a man, we are supposed to expect basic courtesy between lovers. If he’s really that tired all the time, break up with him. You guys sound like a couple who hit the seven year itch. It seems you will have to do all the house chores even when you are working as well. Meet a better guy and be loved happily~~~My mom said we always have to try to be our best to our girlfriend during the initial dating period. He seems like a good guy but his hard work must be the problem. If you will be on a trip, you should let your partner know it. Such unintentional negligence makes your partner look desperate for your affection, which hurts their pride and turns them neurotic. And what’s worrisome about going home late after drinking with friends? I’m sorry that women are targeted for crimes but if you want to be safe, don’t stay out until too late. I realized that I was a bad boyfriend who didn’t even call my girlfriend every day.

He still wants to spend weekends with me but compared with before we don’t spend as much time together. Since he knows what I think now, he told me he will try to care about me better. Even though he cannot always be attentive to me because he’s busy, I just wait for him to assure me that he cares about me. You need to understand that important point in a relationship. Have a great day~~PS: Just to clarify, I couldn’t go to work not because I was intoxicated too much. I don’t have to work all day but when it gets busy, it’s really busy. Why would you stay in such a relationship…One-sided sacrifice and submission makes you tired. If you have a baby, will your tired husband take care of the baby? If you feel you aren’t being loved even once during that period, you should stop seeing him. ㅜㅜ If you can’t deal with it, you will have to break up but it doesn’t seem like he doesn’t love you. It’s worse especially when it’s hot like these days. I’m very sorry but I’m tired to the point where I can’t even say I’m sorry. She said she will be home late because she’s drinking with her friends. If you want to do whatever you want, just stay single. How did you manage to go home when you had no boyfriend? My girlfriend with a smile said to me, “Look at me. From now on, please call me at least once everyday. Your boyfriend might be exhausted by both work and love but he may not want to give you up. It reminds me of the comic where it said just saying “don’t worry about it” all the time meant there was no time to say “I love you”.

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