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Your useful guide to find a good hotel or a place to stay in Angeles City during your visit or vacation.

Find luxury to budget hotels and accomodation places in the entertainment capital of the Philippines.

So, realize that you're nothing but meat, until you meet.

How is that any different than what women are doing?

The entertainment capital of the Philippines, a place where men of all ages trek to find their dream date. The city has a dynamic nightlife entertainment which originated in Fields Avenue, a perfect place to find a dream date.

Contributing to the economic boom are the resurrected nightlife ventures in this famous Fields Avenue strip, which then spilled over to other streets in Balibago, Angeles City.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Take all the emails with a grain of salt, and a tiny kernel of hope, because it’s more likely than not that the man will either vanish or there will be no chemistry and continued connection once you speak on the phone or meet one another. She also lives further south of me,, closer to NYC. I personally do not like phone calls, so I limit the phone to make sure they are going to make it to the meeting.I told her this is why she should limit her emails, texts & phone calls to a minimum until she meets the man & establishes rapport. Before you meet in person, you are window shopping, you're nothing but a product out of a catalog, and YOU ARE A PRODUCT. And do not fall for someone you spoke on the phone or emailed a million times, because the moment that you interact with the real thing all those feelings will prove WRONG.This humble provincial town has undergone a total transformation with its growing number of bars, clubs, upscale girly clubs, discos, KTV bars, live band clubs, and other nightlife establishments.The title of being the entertainment capital of North Luzon is due to the active nightlife in Angeles City.

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