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Smith produced 20 guitars for the 1985 NAMM Show (those guitars are now known as the "NAMM 20"), and managed to find a niche in the guitar market: the mid-1980s was the time of the Superstrat, and there was little competition for the higher-quality, upscale guitars PRS was building, guitars with "an elegant, modern, vintage-inspired design--the kind of guitar one might have expected Fenders and Gibsons to evolve into".

there were eight workers taking up one-third of the building which they shared with a furniture-stripping shop.

The numbers for each year typically overlap by a few months, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and because necks and complete instruments that are made and serial numbered late in any given year will be used on instruments assembled and sold in the early months of the subsequent year.

Since the 1990s, PRS has expanded production to Asia, where they manufacture the lower-priced 'SE' line of instruments.

As of 2013, they have begun making more affordable guitars in the United States with their 'S2' line.

Custom series guitars come in select batches, each a unique instrument with serial number.The serial numbering scheme for these instruments initially used the letters “IC” as a prefix indicating that they were made in Indonesia at the Cort factory.In mid-2009, the prefix was changed to “ICF” on some instruments, indicating that they were made in Indonesia at the Cort factory were Fender-branded.The bodies of most PRS guitars are crafted of mahogany, with a maple top on most models.They often feature highly figured tops, including flame maple, quilt maple and figured maple creating the effect of tiger stripes.

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