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"Most women make a list of what they want the guy to be, not how they (personally) want to feel."Somewhere between her wedding fantasies and serial dating, Emily was able to do some soul-searching.

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My friends tell me that I’m being a player…I’m definitely not sleeping with any of them. I have always wondered, does it mean that I’m leading these guys on by not picking one right off the bat? (We just wanted to remind you of that fact.) Don’t worry about what your friends say. The reaction I generally get from women is that they just can’t. I can’t imagine if I told them you should date multiple people or if I said its okay to date someone for a couple of months just to see how it goes and then have someone else lined up if it doesn’t.Finding options and creating choice in your life is a challenge.Because even if you only want one special man, it usually takes a series of experiences with MEN (plural! I want to hear from you: is it wrong to date lots of different men? Ever hear the old adage, "date three to find the one"? The simple premise—date three men at once to increase your chances of finding the man you'll marry—was something my grandmother swore by (funny, considering I doubt she dated anyone besides my grandfather.

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