Dating someone younger quotes

If he were 60 years old, I would still love him as it's all about his inner qualities that attract me to him.I am not at all physically or mentally attracted to any of his friends that are in his age group.

I dated someone 2yrs ago that was 7yrs younger then me, but I didn't think about age often, except for sex we were always partying - we were kind of on the same page of hanging out, but he didn't have his priorities straight (job, etc, definitely not looking for a bum).I've gone on a few dates had relationship here and there with men a quite younger than myself.Its an OK experience depending on just how much younger and maturity level of the individual. Not too long ago, I was dating someone about ten years my jr.She was a retired woman with boatloads of money and owned her own airplane and they are both quite happy.I hope that you are interested in older women as long term relationship material, and not that you'd like to date an older woman casually and briefly for kicks.

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