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The answer could be inside out October 28Time check: moving to the light side could improve health October 23Head injury causes the immune system to attack the brain October 20Viagra protects the heart beyond the bedroom October 20Fly genome could help us improve health and our environment October 14Cautious optimism as childhood obesity rates in Ireland plateau October 13Bowel cancer risk reduced by adopting multiple healthy behaviors October 10Genetic data could help doctors know whether to prescribe statins September 30Experts call for a moratorium on use of new internet domain .health September 26Turmeric compound boosts regeneration of brain stem cells September 26New analysis of human genetic history reveals female dominance September 24Are you in or out? September 24Food affected by Fukushima disaster harms animals, even at low-levels of radiation September 23The ‘Angelina Effect’ was not only immediate, but also long-lasting September 19Sharks’ skin has teeth in the fight against hospital superbugs September 17Dental and nutrition experts call for radical rethink on free sugars intake September 16Sloths are no slouches when it comes to evolution September 10Sex hormones may play a part in autism September 09Global snapshot of infectious canine cancer shows how to control the disease September 03Socioeconomic status and gender are associated with differences in cholesterol levels August 29BMC Ecology Image Competition winners reveal the private lives of animals and plants August 29Better classification to improve treatments for breast cancer August 28RNA sequence could help doctors to tailor unique prostate cancer treatment programs August 26Fossil arthropod went on the hunt for its prey August 22Climate change could see dengue fever come to Europe August 22Woodrats’ genes help them to win the arms race against their food August 15Stress during pregnancy can be passed down through generations August 07Improve peer review by making the reviewers better suited to task04 August How black truffles deal with the jumpers in their genome July 31Smartphone experiment tracks whether our life story is written in our gut bacteria July 25The human parasite Leishmania is a probiotic for the fly that carries it July 23Dodos and spotted green pigeons are descendants of an island hopping bird July 16Non-invasive test in early pregnancy could be used to predict premature birth and delivery of small babies July 11Researchers identify urgent need for Alzheimer's disease drug development July 03New test predicts the risk of non-hereditary breast cancer June 27A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but not much else June 27Presenting food like a masterpiece makes it more flavorful June 20Investing in cancer research boosts economy as well as health June 16Beyond Spiderman - toolkits for black widow silk and venom discovered June 11Genetics results add new insight to indigenous knowledge about wolves June 10Evidence for dangers of repellent DEET in question June 03A genomic signature for lethal heart attacks in at risk patients May 303,000 rice genomes could help feed growing world population May 28Urban life bites for kestrels lured in by glamorous city dwellings May 27Female pigs can recognize the sex of sperm May 213m yearly cost of antibiotic resistance in pneumonia treatment May 21A Brazilian Samba?

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March 07How Great tits fool their nosy neighbours...Dating on the Fly A vulture’s version of dating is soaring around each other in the sky, with the male behaving like a fighter pilot, showing off his skills by almost touching the female’s wing tip as he flies.Vultures are very sociable in their colonies, but when it comes to pairing up and breeding, they mate for life.’ - Preserving smells as important cultural heritage April 07Living in an area with high air pollution may impact women’s breast density April 06Computer program developed to diagnose and locate cancer from a blood sample March 24Zeit Zeiger: computer tells the time according to your body clock February 28Broad cancer vaccine may be out of reach February 24Lemur Face ID: using facial recognition software to identify lemurs February 17Dating on the fly - female flies are attractive to mates on sunny days February 14Newly discovered beetle species catches a ride on the back of army ants February 10Male contraceptive gel experiment in monkeys shows potential as an alternative to vasectomy February 07Tuberculosis-resistant cows developed for the first time using CRISPR gene-editing technology February 01500 Million Year-Old Species offers insights into the lives of ancient legged worms January 31Eating disorders are affecting more UK women in their 40s and 50s than expected, finds new study January 17Here be ruby seadragons!New species seen in the wild for the first time January 13Exploiting the placebo effect can improve recovery of heart surgery patients January 10 CCTV at metro stations could be used to identify people at risk of attempting suicide December 15Would you take a free predictive test for Alzheimer’s disease?

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