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The usual reply to this discrepancy is that past sodium inputs must have been less and outputs greater. It is straightforward, based on sound physics, and explains many features of the field: its creation, rapid reversals during the Genesis flood, surface intensity decreases and increases until the time of Christ, and a steady decay since then. The conventional geologic time scale says these formations were deeply buried and solidified for before they were bent.However, calculations that are as generous as possible to evolutionary scenarios still give a maximum age of only 62 million years. Yet the folding occurred without cracking, with radii so small that the entire formation had to be still wet and unsolidified when the bending occurred. Natural radioactivity, mutations, and decay degrade DNA and other biological material rapidly.It is more likely that men were without agriculture for a very short time after the Flood, if at all.Choose: No Frames Layout Choose: Human Evolution Frames .

Some asteroid-sized bodies of ice exist in that location, but they do not solve the evolutionists' problem, since according to evolutionary theory, the Kuiper Belt would quickly become exhausted if there were no Oort cloud to supply it. That is, sea floor slides slowly (a few cm/year) beneath the continents, taking some sediment with it.If that were so, the rates above imply that the oceans would be massively choked with sediment dozens of kilometers deep. Every year, rivers As far as anyone knows, the remainder simply accumulates in the ocean.An alternative (creationist) explanation is that erosion from the waters of the Genesis flood running off the continents deposited the present amount of sediment within a short time about 5,000 years ago. If the sea had no sodium to start with, it would have accumulated its present amount in less than 42 million years at today's input and output rates.. In many mountainous areas, strata thousands of feet thick are bent and folded into hairpin shapes.ACTS & FACTS IMPACT THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED RECENTLY DIAMONDS AND STRATA HAVE TOO MUCH CARBON-14 MINERALS HAVE TOO MUCH HELIUM THE SEA DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH MINERALS WORLDWIDE CATASTROPHIC EVIDENCE IS EVERYWHERE Here are fourteen natural phenomena which conflict with the evolutionary idea that the universe is billions of years old.The numbers listed below in bold print (usually in the millions of years) are often maximum possible ages set by each process, not the actual ages. The point is that the maximum possible ages are always much less than the required evolutionary ages, while the biblical age (6,000 years) always fits comfortably within the maximum possible ages.

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