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The beauty of my pussy is the power behind it, i am an extreme sexual and submissive slave that always and only want to give her best.I have training from the best Master that have taken possession of me in the past, my experience goes...Of course he doesn’t dismiss that women with no kids won’t understand; just that dating a woman with children provides an additional level of commonality, one in which you are both similarly situated—this being an optimal position for establishing a relationship.Anthony believes in being honest in the beginning about his status as a single father of three by two different moms.She acknowledges that there’s always the fear a man won’t be welcoming when she tells him she has a child, but that just lets her know she needs to keep it moving.She also has a personal rule of waiting a year before introducing someone she’s dating to her child, because she believes children are impressionable and she wants to avoid hurting her son as much as possible.Kevin, a single man with no children, says he has no problem dating women with children and has had various experiences.One woman kept him and her child separate because their “friends with benefits” situation didn’t call for that level of connection.

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