Eclipse updating indexes android

This screenshot is immediately after restarting Eclipse, you can see that at bottom right corner it showing as Updating index, which is the proof that it's now downloading index file.

If you double click there it will open the view which we have shown in next screenshot, there you can see that it downloads dependencies form Maven central remote repository.

Recently I face an strange issue while using Maven in Eclipse via M2Eclipse plugin.

I have created a Maven Java project in Eclipse and subsequently tried to add Spring framework as dependency, to my surprise, nothing was happening.

After some trial and error, I realized that this is my brand new workspace and I am running with Eclipse Luna, newest version of Eclipse which I had just downloaded couple days of back.

My first hunch was that Eclipse might not able to connect to Internet, and to verify that I tried connecting Eclipse market place, and boom it was working fine.

I was surprised because I have never faced this issue while I was using M2Eclipse plugin from long time.It is the Global repository on which Maven central library ( is configured.Just right click there and select Rebuild Index option.As I said it usually happens when you are the first time trying to create a Maven project in a brand new workspace and new installation of Eclipse where this options are not enabled by default.This is one-time exercise, so there is very less likely hood of happening this again.

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