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Set 1 to get a stutter, set to 0 if you don't want this feature.

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If you are behind a cheap router then these options may be useful.It's a real shame really because these phones really are very nice handsets, and even if cisco did not want to support third party SIP servers, they could at least make information available so that others could do so.Here's a sample config file, documented tags are listed below. You must change instances of things like YOURNTPSERVER and replace them either with an NTP server IP address, or remove the statement altogether.Australia Standard/Daylight Time AUS Central Standard Time E.Australia Standard Time AUS Eastern Standard/Daylight Time West Pacific Standard Time Tasmania Standard/Daylight Time Central Pacific Standard Time Fiji Standard Time New Zealand Standard/Daylight Time This next part is required, otherwise the phone claims to be unprovisioned. It also appears that the phone will not pick up some XML configuration changes if the Generally don't need to specify these, but maybe you will want to put in the register line.

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