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Not too long ago, if you approached many large mutual fund companies with a modest sum to invest, they would fling you out of their offices and into the snow, sneering, "Begone, you groveling workshy! Fortunately, you can often start an investment program for relatively little money using an automatic investment program, or AIP. But many fund companies, particularly no-load fund companies, did have minimums that were above the average person's reach.Figuring out how to insure your vehicle can be a headache and a half, but when John Krasinski pops up on your television to tout the merits of Esurance, it suddenly seems entirely doable. Krasinski has done ads for a whole mess of products, including Kodak,, Puma, Apple TV, and Carnival Cruises. "When I joined last summer, everyone told me they loved the baby.And I would say, 'Great do you have an account with us?Russell Messner, global managing director, Ogilvy & Mather, said that the agency learned from "extensive research" that the brand's customers and prospects enjoy the journey of becoming a better investor -- thus identifying them as "Type E." Print and out-of-home ads show what Type E looks like -- a smart figure in a suit, surrounded by big block lettering featuring phrases like "My retirement years will not take place in a windowless conference room" and "I don't want my golden years to be just gold plated." The company's advertising and market-development expenses decreased 22% in 2013 to 8.4 million, according to company SEC filings. Landsman said that her current plan is to "spend a little bit more" this year.

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Hence the baby went into retirement." She also pointed out that the brand wasn't giving up on its sense of humor.

By combining easy-to-understand information with actionable insights, E*TRADE helps make the market seem less daunting—and more approachable.

This weekend, audiences will be treated to a new image of E-Trade: One that is, according to the company, more serious. The campaign, which breaks this weekend around the NCAA Final Four games, is centered around "Type E," the kind of people who are in charge of their finances and keeping an eye out for milestones like retirement.

It’s not clear what makes these tiny tots such experts on these products, but they’re so cute and funny that we’re inclined to believe them.

Last year’s roster was a bit lacking in the baby department.

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