Founderdating funding dating nightmares and how to handle them

It may not have been the greatest quality, but stay tuned to see yourself in all your best-we-could-with-a-Samsung-Edge-and-we-promise-it-will-be-better-next-time glory!We will keep you posted on when those will go live, probably on our You Tube channel, but we also have some pretty disruptive ideas of our own about how we can help you market your pitch to an audience of thousands, nay millions, and as soon as we have the details we will tell you all about it.The best way is to tap into your network of friends and colleagues.It’s always better to start with someone you know well and have worked with in the past.If you need a CTO or a co-founder, then post it here.I’ve had good luck going to local networking events, like TOTAL ACCESS and Fountain Blue.

And the best part is – WE GOT ALL OF YOU GUYS ON VIDEO!!

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(Update: Whoops, Founder Dating changed the number at the last minute to 60.) She’s not committing to a specific timeframe for any of those cities, especially since she has to locate a managing director to run the program from each location, but she says that it will happen, and that if Founder Dating expands somewhere, “We want to be there long-term.” Meanwhile, the startup is also trying to ramp up its presence in cities that it has already expanded into, by increasing the frequency of its application rounds.

Now there’s a round each week (though in different geographies), so if you’re geographically flexible, you could theoretically apply at any time, rather than waiting for a specific window to open.

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