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Revenue has been growing each month for the last 13 months, even with the downturn. Users engage in 770,000 chat sessions per day, with the average chat session lasting 60 minutes.That represents a level of engagement that is enviable among entertainment sites.“I think it’s important that potential partners know which companies in this space are going to be around tomorrow,” Rosenzweig said.

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They keep the vast majority of the credits proceeds from sales of their virtual goods.

If developers want to cash out, they can do so through a free market economy that allows them to sell credits directly to third-party registered credit brokers, who buy and sell credits on third-party websites.

After they sell credits, these brokers transfer the credits to the buyer on IMVU, where IMVU takes a small processing fee in the form of credits.

By contrast, a virtual world owner (without user-generated content and with a continuous virtual world) would have to add a lot of fixed costs as it expands.

IMVU has 59 employees and has raised million in three rounds of venture funding to date.

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