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He has also released his second outtake reel, and has moved on to producing his rants in video format, which he started posting to You Tube in March 2007. Before the rants however, 2 created a lot of music.

Some of the more popular songs include "Salvation" and "Jaunt".

He responded by posting a rant about atrocity tourism, which was subsequently subjected to a techno remixing by Nick C, a member of Portal of Evil.

In September 2007, the online edition of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung featured one of 2's video rants and an excerpt of his live performance at Eurofurence 12 in their Internet Video of the Week column, comparing his style of comedy with Woody Allen and David Byrne.

It is thought that the files were named LSD Files because they give the same euphoric feel as the drug of the same name (though they have nothing to do with drugs).

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He regularly attends furry conventions and often performs stand up there.Their main purpose was for 2 to spread his opinions.His latest rants have dealt with intelligent design, the news media and justice.2 also performs and records audio 'rants', and hosted an Internet radio show called 2 Sense which ran for 87 mostly-weekly episodes, up to two hours in length, before being discontinued due to time and work constraints on July 2nd, 2005, at the peak of its popularity.2 Sense 2.0 debuted on November 12, 2006 and ended at Episode 52.

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