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For the prune to turn heads (not to mention meet a nice guy, move to the suburbs, and have a couple of baby prunes) it needed a fresh marketing strategy.

Which brings us to today's subject: the online dating profile.

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Many of us have been down that road, and for some, it’s lead to love or even marriage. If you’re hoping to find your online dating success story, here are a few ways to make your profile stand out. Keep Your Personal Description Short And Sweet In a 140-character tweet-obsessed society, no one wants to read an incredibly long article, much less someone’s online dating profile that’s just as lengthy. This way, you include some important info without giving all of yourself away in a five-paragraph description.

Let people know you can’t simply be described entirely online and if they want to get to know you more, then they should message you privately. Strike A Balance Between Humble And Confident Humility doesn’t equal low self-worth; you don’t want to sound as though you don’t deserve anything in the world that’s good.

Yet for men the word 'ambitious' has become less popular'Thoughtful' dropped out of women's top 10 wants, while for men 'good listeners' was found to decrease the number of messages received by 29 per cent, with 'caring' (down 24 per cent) and 'respectful' (down 31 per cent) also seen as a turn off.

Using the right language is important, with figures showing men using the phrase 'physically fit' in their profile receive almost double the number of messages compared to an average profile - an average increase of 96 per cent.

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