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In 1988, he played a minor role as a villain in his brother Aamir’s film along with brother Aamir Khan and actress Twinkle Khanna. His brother Aamir and his father were in a custody battle over Faisal that garnered much press coverage.Faisal’s custody was awarded to his father Tahir in 2007 as he did not wish to go with his brother (Aamir).Aamir and his father both filed separate court applications seeking Faisal’s custody.The court admitted both the applications and waited for medical report from JJ hospital on Faisal’s mental health.After a month, Faisal was supposed to get a check-up done again at the JJ Hospital to determine his mental health.

Despite being photographed together on several occasions and being caught by the press holding hands, they continue to deny they are lovers. This was the only time when the actor (Aamir) went against his father which led to a tiff between them!Aamir Khan’s mother, Zeenat Hussain is a homemaker.He happens to be the younger brother of well known producer, director and writer Nasir Khan. Aamir wanted to keep his brother with himself as his dad was financially incapable to keep him.But his dad wanted to keep Faisal with him and Faisal too wanted to stay with his father.

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