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The same idea applies if you try to talk about religion.

These are topics that should be avoided at first contact with El Salvadorans.

El Salvadorans love funny conversations, jokes and the use of nicknames.

Salvadoran humor could be hard to understand for Canadians; it is based on context-specific topics such as personal defects, sex, and machismo, among others.

In general, you do not have to expect a really different way of speaking, but be prepared for a sometimes very close body contact when speaking, whether the person you are talking with is of the same gender or not.Maybe you will not find it so funny but, those are just jokes and almost nobody gets offended by them.This is a general characteristic of El Salvadorans and it does not matter the social condition sex, religion, etc.This physicality extends itself to distance when speaking to each other.Salvadorans generally feel comfortable standing or sitting close to each other when talking and touching to emphasize a point in the conversation.

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