Intj women dating

Even without practice, their forceful personalities will be attractive to many. They are probably found in leadership positions in proportions far beyond their small number in the population.Their powerful dynamic presence is almost all the game they need. Females will not wear this type well and their own hypergamy will make it hard to find men that “measure up.” INTJ It is no surprise that gameosphere is full of INTJs.

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I suspect that INTJ women need the most dominant men, perhaps even more than ENTJ females General: INTJs can do very well in business.ESTJ Directive and decisive, this is probably the stereotypical middle or upper-middle manager. However, they may tend towards seriousness in manner.They will have the confidence needed but may lack that more glib charm that aids success in seduction.However, as NT types they need to understand that logic does not work in seduction. Their order and logic seeking minds do not naturally fit into the fluid moves of seduction.As NTJ types they need to realize that seduction not only lacks logic, it also lacks rigid rules and strict order. Although appearing less forceful then their ENTJ cousins they posses a strong and quite self-confidence that can be attractive.

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