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In fact, it's almost a craft axiom that it's best if you learn it day by day and then forget it.What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?In comedy, I found in “As Good As It Gets,” the more disease, the less laughs. You can look at scenes when you're doing a drama like, “Maybe it works,” but in comedy, when you're doing it, either it works or it doesn't.

I almost didn't work for like two years in a row.

I got my original job at MGM in order to see movie stars so I know what the impact of that is.

When I go to a museum and I'm standing there looking at a Van Gogh painting and I look next to me and I see nine people looking at me, that somehow illustrates why I'm more attentive to running into people.

It comes from my generation, we're kind of sentimentalists.

What would you say to potential ticket buyers to get them to see “Something’s Gotta Give?

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    In front of all the guests, a woman screamed at her husband, broke down in tears and hid in a corner while her friends consoled her.

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