Isolate dating

I was so glad to read your posting because I thought I was the only one and was losing my mind from the sheer loneliness day after day after day. I am a live in maintenance man to pay the bills and shut up. Made love to my wife less than 10 times in 20 years. This was a vicious cycle that lasted for years, more he drank, more I pulled away.

Being a dire hard romantic, I have been going through hell! He was having a relationship with the bottle and in turn I ended up in an affair for 3 years.

So, you stay for the security, the kids, the environment you have created for yourself that you don't want to walk away from, your religious convictions, etc. Than 3 or 4 time in month to play PS4 to refresh his self he said . Only have parents who are in different country talk with them some time . Husband go out for dinner with me 2 times in month . Bt in home he always have mob laptop in hand replying friends customer in sec talk so nicly . Whenever I go out or meet his friend all say m beautiful . I am not supposed to mix the two, but it knocks me out instead of lying there crying. Married for 15 years to an alcoholic, Thankfully sober now.

As Thoreau once said, "Most men live lives of quiet desperation, and go to their graves unfilfilled." How true! Bt he never appreciate when I dressed up or take new dye or dress . He was a mean drunk towards me and in turn I withdrew my affection.

Loneliness in marriage often happens slowly, as the disconnection we feel from our spouse gradually increases over years.

At some point, discussions about mutual interests, world events, and goals and dreams cease entirely and conversations become purely transactional—“We need milk,” “Your mother called,” or “Did you remember to pay the cable bill? We also fall into daily routines that foster emotional distance—one person watches television in the evening while the other is on the computer, or one goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes at 5 am while the other goes to bed at midnight and wakes at 8 am.

In addition to the emotional anguish loneliness creates, it also has devastating effects on our mental and physical health.

There is no greater insult that a woman can inflict on her husband than to find him unattractive and/or sexually unappealing....especially when other women do not see him that way. Than home with laptop mob work dealing customers all the time . M house wife stay at home enjoy doing dishes washing clothes vacuuming. I have no friends connection of school or college friends. When Ian talking he always busy with work or he answer most of the time yes ok all right . When I text him he reply so late in 1 or two words . If any day I m not feeling good sleep early whole mid night he play game with son cooking . I think some thing getting finished in me frustration feeling low . Peaches, I do not know about anyone else, but I have been to a couple therapists and they have me on medication to help deal with it. It helps at night when I am alone so I can get to sleep.My sex life when I was single was rich and varied and continuous.I don't know which came first here, the chicken or the egg.We perceive others as less caring, less interested, and less committed than they actually are, and we judge our relationships to be weaker and less satisfying than they may really be.In an effort to protect ourselves from even further emotional hurt, we become hyper-alert to any signs of rejection from others and more apt to miss signs of acceptance.

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