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Though such an action might well have provoked an international Islamic jihad (holy war) against Israel, some members of this underground group apparently welcomed such a possibility, feeling that a worldwide invasion of Israel would force God to bring the Messiah immediately.

It is precisely when the belief in the Messiah's coming starts to shape political decisions that the messianic idea ceases to be inspiring and becomes dangerous.

The results were catastrophic, and the Jews suffered a devastating defeat.

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Prime Minister Theresa May's office released Ms Patel's resignation letter overnight in which Ms Patel apologised for causing "a distraction" from the work of the Government."While my actions were meant with the best of intentions, my actions also fell below the standards of transparency and openness that I have promoted and advocated," Ms Patel wrote in the letter to Ms May."I offer a fulsome apology to you and to the Government for what has happened and offer my resignation."Ms May reportedly responded in another letter to say she believed that Ms Patel has made the "right" decision to resign.

Among traditional Jews, the belief in a personal messiah seems to have grown more central in recent years.

When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, the subject of the Messiah was rarely, if ever, mentioned at the Jewish school I attended, the Yeshiva of Flatbush.

In March 2010, Janet Napolitano and Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz by the ADL with the “ Naomi Gorowitz Institute Service Award” which saluted Big Sis for her efforts in fighting ‘extremism’ in America with NO ‘terrorists’ to be found. Abe Foxman the invitation, allowing BIG JEW to target law-abiding Gentiles: “ Through partnerships with organizations like yours, the DHS is best able to identify those individuals and groups exhibiting dangerous behaviors and to intervene ONE patriotic Gentile currently active in mainstream politics who will demand that Jewland Security be dismantled?

If we don’t take this Jew-run federal police force down NOW then we’ll all be hauled off to their FEMA camps.

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