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The link between intravenous drug or crack/cocaine use and HIV transmission is widely documented and some studies report a link between use of stimulants such as ecstasy with higher HIV prevalence [6,13-16].

This finding is worrisome and suggests that strategies to address substance use in HIV prevention activities targeting SW are important.

This may be due to the fact that SBSW were the initial targets of interventions for SW.

More recent efforts to reach SW in entertainment establishments have been hindered by gatekeepers at clubs and bars.

Condom use with paying partners was 90% but lower with non-paying partners (33.3% SBSW and 20.8% EBSW, p = 0.166).

Streetbased SW had more partners, initiated sex at an earlier age, operated in fewer parishes, and were more likely to have been exposed to prevention interventions.

The study was approved by the Ministry of Health’s ethical review committee.Statistical analyses Analyses were done using STATA version 10.1.Respondents were included in the analysis if they reported receiving cash for sex within the past 6 months.Fisher exact tests were used for tables with sparse data.Demographics Three hundred and thirty six persons participated in the survey and 276 persons (82.0%) who reported receiving cash for sex within the past 6 months were included in the analysis. Persons were recruited from 13 of 14 parishes with greater recruitment from urbanized parishes.

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