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The only people who make it out alive are musicians, so you need to know every type of music, but you will have a better chance of escaping with a musette waltz than a concerto.

‘You’ll be seven soon, so you can understand what I am about to explain.The precise route by which hominins arrived on Flores cannot at present be determined, although a route from South Asia through Indochina, Sulawesi and hence Flores is tentatively supported on the basis of zoogeography.With regards to the second question, we find the archaeological record equivocal.A basic energetics model shows that a greater number of small-bodied hominins could persist on Flores than larger-bodied hominins (whether is a dwarfed species or a descendent of an early small-bodied ancestor is immaterial here), which may in part explain their apparent long-term success.In 1936, my father Louis Didier was 34 and financially well off when he met a miner who was struggling to feed his children.

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