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After arriving outside Constantinople at Selymbria in Dec 1096, his army ravaged the countryside.Relations between the crusaders and Emperor Alexios I were tense, and Godefroi attacked Constantinople in Apr 1097.The emperor conferred the duchy of Lotharingia on his infant son Konrad, with Albert III Comte de Namur as vice-duke, although the Annalista Saxo records that he created Godefroi as Markgraf van Antwerpen in "Traiecti" at Easter 1076.Some time following Pope Urban II's call to liberate Jerusalem issued at the Council of Clermont in Auvergne , Godefroi resolved to join the crusade.The first ruler of Jerusalem, Godefroi de Bouillon, did not adopt the title king, which was at the time considered presumptuous.Such scruples quickly vanished, and his brother and successor was crowned King Baudouin I by the patriarch of Jerusalem at the end of 1100.The process was presumably helped by the numerous reports of their activities written by contemporary chroniclers which circulated in the west.

They included Bohmond of Apulia and his cousin Tancred, Godefroi de Bouillon Duke of Lower Lotharingia and his brother Baudouin de Boulogne, Robert Count of Flanders, Robert III Duke of Normandy, Hugues "le Maisn" Comte de Vermandois and Raymond "de Saint-Gilles" Comte de Toulouse.He regained control of the kingdom and was crowned king of Jerusalem at Tyre .He returned to Cyprus in [Sep/Oct] 1286, leaving Baudouin Ibelin as bailly.After the fall of Acre, the kingdom of Jerusalem continued to maintain a fictive separate existence, with the kings of Cyprus appointing officers of this separate "state".The town of Famagusta on the east coast of the island of Cyprus was assimilated into the state of Jerusalem, adopted its arms, and was the location for the coronation of each successive king of Cyprus as king of Jerusalem until it fell to the Genoese in 1373.

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