Leehom dating

It was widely speculated that the 35-year-old intended to meet rumoured boyfriend, Leehom, due to the fact that he was busy preparing for his concert in Taiwan late this November.

Allegedly, Leehom, 35, wished to broadcast a music video at his concert to show his support for Shu Qi's Golden Horse nomination.

The pair were spotted entering a building with a gynecological clinic and later at a skincare center.Tang Wei (湯唯), who filmed Lust, Caution and Cyber with Leehom, met Jinglei earlier this year.Tang Wei said, “During the filming of Cyber, I became good friends with Jinglei.Shu Qi succinctly wrote on her blog in response to the rumours, "A mare's nest," alluding that the romance was non-existent.As families across the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, Leehom Wang (王力宏) quietly got married in New York.

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