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' she says as she walks down the stairs before saying she needs to fix her hair again.Throughout the video Carey seems to struggle with her speech, not knowing what to say and often repeating herself. 'Carey continues to babble on before the woman behind the camera interrupts her mid-speech and asks: 'Mariah, when can we expect the new album?Sophia represents a remarkable 'rise of the machines' that promises – or threatens – to revolutionise man's relationship with technology.In October, Sophia was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.She is one of the most realistic humanoid robots ever created, but according to one expert, Sophia is not all she seems.A Facebook AI chief has called the android 'deceptive'.In a fiery Facebook post, Yann Le Cun, head of AI research at the social media giant, claimed Sophia is a 'sophisticated puppet' that is not as intelligent as it seems.Scroll down for video She is one of the most realistic humanoid robots ever created, but according to one expert, Sophia (file photo) is not all she seems.

' referring to her two kids, however they are no where to be seen. Oh, I have my first animated movie, All I want for Christmas is You. Carey enters a dark room and finally takes a seat, fixes her hair, and begins to talk about her collaboration with Marc Shaiman before getting up once more to wander around her house.

While Sophia has some impressive capabilities, she does not yet have consciousness, but Hanson Robotics has said fully sentient machines could emerge within a few years.

Sophia herself has insisted 'the pros outweigh the cons' when it comes to artificial intelligence.'Elders will have more company, autistic children will have endlessly patient teachers,' Sophia said.

He wrote: 'More BS from the (human) puppeteers behind Sophia.'In case there is any doubt, let me be totally clear: this tweet was typed by a person who has read my post.

No AI whatsoever was involved.'Here is an example of comment to the tweet (there are many like it): "Don’t take it personal Sophia.

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