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Send Message Ref ID:362724a9-8698-43fc-8ea0-a3728150d0f2 Hi there, I'm an Asian girl in my 20s, coming to HK for professional work.I've been here for 4 months, and would like a companion as I feel lonely sometimes. I'd love someone who's between 25 and 45, a professional, good-tempered and VERY patient.

The most important is both we like each other, both are easygoing, respect, and have caring heart. Send Message Ref ID:0625619d-385e-4737-92b2-757d2e9c3e48 Hi! I am a single woman from the USA and I will be visiting HKG in June. We are both caucasian and are looking for guys to show us around. Looking forward to eligible single personal ' reply. Send Message Ref ID:6d3336a0-0d1e-4617-a6f8-004edbc7d27e I am 45 year old Chinese, youthful, fit, 5'3'' tall, single. Let's get together for coffee/meals after work or weekends. Send Message Ref ID:8bbe9a0e-67d0-450e-8a9b-e3e18ca31455 I'm a single lady, 1.68m tall in Asian, who works in financial field, outgoing, fun loving, trustworthy and optimistic, love life itself, like reading, good movies, traveling and making friends..

I am often told that .is hard to meet a nice person in Hong Kong . Send Message Ref ID:2631c5c1-ebc2-480f-b18d-5b083197b94d I am in my 30s. To raise the production capacity in Hong Kong, an additional production line is being sought after: Requirements: Production Line Quantity: 1 (SINGLE) Level of cleaniness: Non-smoking Height: 175cm Age: 35-55 Preferred region: any western country The new line is assumed to be forever-lasting and won't be replaced. Send Message Ref ID:2077c864-3cf6-499b-ad92-f1d524b62fa9 Hi, I want to start a new life starting from 2018. But no matter what, it is important to look forward though.... I have been in a few relationships before but never end up in marriage. I am civilized and enjoy movies, cooking, music and reading at home, whereas, I also enjoy some outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, hiking, badminton and squash. Send Message Ref ID:158bf70f-10cf-4b43-976d-f457e537a1bd Hi how are you ?

It would be fantastic if it possesses some special skills eg. Btw, I am at my early 40's and Chinese female with an office work. I am a cbc born in Canada, which means I am a Native English and French speaker. I am a young beautiful lady and looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.

hi there, I am a British Chinese living in Hong Kong and looking for a BBW female for dinning and maybe some sports together , I am 5'7 tall , well build and please reply me if anyone is interested ? I am looking for a right guy who is sensible and mature, and with the view of developing a serious relationship. Hope to hear from you soon Send Message Ref ID:5d104e2c-6453-4e31-84ad-9336dc9d4369 Product you're browsing: Appearance: Japanese and Honkie, 175cm, slim Functions: enjoys art and music, good food, reading, hiking, travel..

Send Message Ref ID:746807dc-e9b7-41ed-8cbd-d2c65f0541d4 Lets start with a nice glass of red and good conversation..let the friendship begin. Tall, slim, worldly , great sense of humour seeks a middle age gentleman who enjoys the simple things in life. The product is itself mid 30s,native English speaker, international perspective, open to fun and new ideas, used to live in Australia and Japan, never married, currently being used to amuse kids in primary school.

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