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His work coverall was plenty warm enough on its own. I know some of the other guys didn’t like him but I didn’t have to like him to work with him. Ed drove his truck up the hill to the top, not much of a distance from Zoe’s really, and let himself into the mansion with the key Victoria left him with. She had no idea when she would return but at least she sounded happy. She dabbed at them absently with a tissue Ed handed to her. ” he yelled as he jabbed his finger at Stephanie who stared back in surprise at his violent reaction. If you proceed with contesting the will let me assure you that you will lose. “I’ll have the document for the farm ownership transfer prepared by my assistant. Her remaining questions were moot with the transfer of Stephanie’s share of the farm to her.

It was black with chrome accents in a sports package look, whatever that was. It was simple and straight to the point but legally binding for all its brevity.

All he knew was that it drove really well and he liked it. Please make sure she’s on that flight.” “I will, sir.” “Good lad. Like all of the other rooms in the house it was too neat. He read the brief paragraph of legalese he managed to convince them to allow him to prefix the document with and saw the he had his audience’s attention. “Normally I just send copies of the will to the people named in it but your parents left explicit instructions due to the circumstances that led to the estrangement. The new will they created two years ago altered that key clause. She’d just promised herself she would be vigilant to watch for the same behavior from herself towards her own children. “What does it mean that ownership of the farm is split between Jeff and Stephanie? “It simply means the deed for the property transfers to their names. He scowled back then just walked out, slamming the door behind himself.

She was diligent with her exercises to maintain the muscles required to prevent excess strain on her back so her core was hard and tight. Ed looked over Zoe’s head at the grinning man leaning back in his chair. legal,” Ed replied with a note of concern in his voice. He put on his hard hat as he entered the construction zone and got to it as Clint had requested. His new coverall was now covered in drywall dust, sawdust, mud, and he had a few grease smears on a sleeve from accidentally brushing it against… Ed recalled how desperate Victoria had been when he came to visit her two weeks after the Christmas Party. She hadn’t felt this way since she’d taken a secret lover. A pain went through her heart as she remembered how Nelson had him killed and disposed of. The huge bed, cold every night now that she was alone, stood waiting for them. Which made sense to Ed because the woman was so smart! He blinked in surprise as she seemed to melt in his arms. Stephanie clapped her hands together happily and pulled Ed out onto the floor. She finally sighed and settled on just looking sad. Having resolved her inner turmoil she turned back to the car and Ed followed. Ed once more occupied his mind with the word puzzles until they reached some of the larger cities along the way.

He’d experienced first-hand how strong the petite powerhouse was. Clint Masterson was the site foreman and had been difficult for Ed to deal with since day one. something, he couldn’t recall specifically when it happened. “No Ed, why don’t you stay and see what crying to your boss resulted in,” Clint growled. His leg had taken longer to heal than expected and she was upset that he’d postponed the previous week’s appointment. Then Ed’s hand squeezed her ass and she forgot all about Miguel and Nelson. She walked them over to the end of the bed and turned to face him. Ed heard a loud crashing noise in the kitchen and he leapt down from the ladder to rush inside. He finally pulled back and she came back to herself, dazzled by the sensations flooding through her. He grinned at her as the playful Stephanie he knew and loved was resurfacing. The flight home was uneventful and as the plane touched down smoothly Ed released the breath he’d been holding.

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