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” And I was like, “Do you mean will I walk on foot right now from Atlanta? It’s a trick thing to pull off, but it also gives you a little bit more freedom, because usually you’re with someone you know who’s reading the lines off with you. I was blessed to have [with Will, so she was doing, like, a perfect Will Ferrell impression for me.Because if so, then yes.” []I got in, did the chemistry read, it went amazing. What kind of stuff did you put on tape for a project like this? She is, like, the sweetest, wackiest, most amazing woman, and she was going all the way in, so it allowed me to go all the way in. You never know, when you’re working with someone who’s a genius in their field, you don’t want to tamper too much unless you know you can. I tore off my shoes and threw them against the wall—I just totally went for it.Meagan recently admitted she was scared marriage would make her 'lose herself', before she wed her beau of five years.Speaking on Black Love, she admitted: 'I was afraid that I would lose myself.She prides herself on being a career woman, starring in the likes of Think Like A Man and Saw, but keeping her personal life relatively private.And Megan Good looked in good spirits as she enjoyed a rare public date night with husband of five years De Von Franklin on Tuesday.When it did get too hot and heavy, I would stop and walk away.'Let's go get lunch, let's get out of the house and do something different.'And Franklin's mutual commitment meant the two went the whole hog, explaining that making each other their number 1 priority is the key to their long-lasting relationship.

'It's interesting because I think it was harder for me.''There were moments where we would be alone and I thought, 'Man, I could really [have sex] right now.

The label's signature monogrammed designs are the ultimate choice when it comes to luxury backpacks, spotted on everyone from Kourtney Kardashian, to Rihanna recently.

They may not come cheap, but the good thing is they're instantly recognisable thanks to the iconic LV print.

Usually a brunette, the actress showed off her newly-golden locks covered by a baseball cap, and injected a touch of designer with a Louis Vuitton rucksack.

Offering a glimpse of her dazzling diamond ring, she was joined by De Von, 39, as she took the wheel of their car following the romantic dinner.

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