Nick lachey dating kelly ripa

The host told : "He could be penniless, but he is just a good soul. [I'm] proud and excited to have her here." And not only was Shayna's banana bread praised once it came out of the oven, fans couldn't get enough of her chemistry with Ryan during the episode.

Read more: ’90 Day Fiancé’ Couple Spark Breakup Rumors Amid Cheating Scandal Shayna uploaded a video from her appearance on the show on her Instagram with the caption: "So much fun today on @livekellyandryan!!

" Back in September Kelly made it very clear that she approves of Ryan's romance with Shayna and admitted she's quite "obsessed" with the model. Shayna was tasked with making the "healthiest, most delicious banana bread" against executive producer Michael Gelman’s wife Laurie.

In an episode of their talk show Kelly told Ryan that Shayna is such a joy, she's "like the sun". Like she looks so good." Kelly also recently revealed she knows what attracted Shayna to the entertainment mogul. Excitingly announcing Shayna's appearance on the show, Ryan said: "Today's contender is a personal chef, a graduate of the Art Institute Culinary School and in my opinion, the greatest cook in town.

Another added: "Shayna, you need your own cooking, fitness, inspirational show!

It would be great, and Ryan could be your assistant!

Lachey wore a replica of the white tux jacket and black pants Humphries wore on his wedding day.Fans loved seeing Ryan and Kelly hanging out outside of work together before returning to host their show - Read more: Fans Gush Over Nick Lachey And Wife Vanessa's Son As They Bring Him To The 'DWTS' Set Ryan, 42, captioned the date night photo: "Thanks for dinner K and m. He's empathetic to women's causes and women's issues in a way that I'm just… viewers were thrilled as Ryan brought his girlfriend to work for the day.#burger for the table, see u in the am." One giddy fan commented on the post: "Too much gorgeousness in one pic! A third wrote: "My goodness you guys all look amazing." Another said: "Love this double date!! A special "Banana Bread Bake Off" made for the perfect reason to invite Shayna to the talk show as she is a personal chef.She also suited up as Kate Middleton, and Katy Perry. Ripa's morning counterpart, Regis Philbin, missed this year's Halloween fete, but a stand-in joined Ripa in his place: Heidi Klum! With Regis and Kelly this morning, put on stilts underneath black trousers and sported a white tuxedo in a hilarious spoof of Kris's appearance at August's reality wedding.

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